"Everything in life is an experience you take with you."

 Greg Jones

Greg Jones

As part of Inetergated Marketing Communications program, students get the oportunty to get hands on experience with real work , real clients  and real experience. Greg Jones started a class that was design on the idea of and Ad Agency. He started a company called Whoopassbranding to bring student the experience  of being apart of an Agency with non profit and profitable clients.

I Digg Anthropology

Working Alongside My  Agency Management Class,  To Drive Students To Join The Anthropology Minor At UWA. My Task Was To Take Photos Of The Event. 

Pace Yourself Project

Working Alongside My Agency Management Team In Partners With  Tyler Pace , A Football Player Who Played For The University Of West Alabama. Pace Yourself Is A Supporting Company For Young Professionals Who Work Hard To Reach Specific Goals In Their Lives While Realizing The Specific Impact One Person Can Have In Their Community. Pace Yourself Allows Students To Hold Each Other Accountable When The Grind Gets Tough, Not Focusing On Immediate Success But In The Growth Of The Individual. My Task Was To Assist With Social Media Post. 

Visit Demopolis

Working Along Sydney  Demopolis  Alabama Chamber Of Commerce Member  In Hopes To Drive People To Visit Demopolis Alabama . Our Task Was To Redesign Website, Create A New Look For The City, And Redesign The Demopolis Area Of Chamber Commerce Website. My Task Was Taking Updated Pictures Of The Town.